Mobility & Flexibility

What is the difference?

Flexibility refers to your bodies ability to stretch through a range of motion passively using your muscles.

Mobility refers to the range of motion around a joint.

Both terms are often used together but mean completely separate things. The reason they are often brought up together is because you need one to help assist the other.

Mobility needs Flexibility in order for the muscles around a joint to be flexible enough for the joint to move through a full range.

Whereas Flexibility needs Mobility in order to strengthen within your flexibility and using balance and control travel through the range of motion with perfect form.

How do i assess which needs improvement?

This Question can only be answered by the individual or your personal trainer. As you will need to take into account your goals and current strengths and weaknesses.

For example, your Hamstrings, if you lay on your back with both legs straight out. Lift one leg keeping it as straight as possible in the air, then proceed to reach with your hand to see how far up your leg you can touch. This is without your back or head leaving the floor.

Improvement will be made by consistency and applying yourself, attempting to reach further comfortably each time.

If you feel unbalanced or not quite strong enough to hold the position due to a lack of mobility. You can use a Resistance band or Towel to help guide your leg into position, for a deeper stretch.

What can i do to improve both Flexibility and Mobility?

Both Yoga and Pilates are excellent forms of exercise that encourage the improvement in your flexibility. But if a simple task like touching your toes is extremely uncomfortable, due to nerve pain or Postural imbalance. 

The best thing you can do is seek advice as you may need a helping hand performing basic exercises to help improve your flexibility.

As for Mobility, Try to steer clear from static stretches as for many they are the go to stretches to preform. But they will not improve your ability to become more mobile.

Instead, Eccentric Training is a very effective training method as it focuses on the eccentric faze of a contraction within your muscles (where the muscle lengthens as it resists a force).

Myofascial release and foam rolling can help you work out any restrictions in your muscles, which in turn can also help improve mobility.




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